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At the Law Office of Cox and Boles, attorney Hugh Boles specializes in representing clients in divorce,
child custody disputes, child and/or spousal support issues, as well as grandparent/stepparent’s rights
cases and adoption. Mr. Boles understands the emotional nature of such work and the importance of
focusing on the individual circumstances of each case so that an appropriate plan and strategy can be
made to address your specific needs. He assists you with understanding and focusing on how the law
applies to your specific circumstances, while also respectfully and patiently dealing with the various
emotions that unfortunately accompany many family law cases. Mr. Boles believes that in many
instances the best outcome is unlikely to result from litigation and therefore attempts to utilize
alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including informal settlement negations and mediation
when appropriate to attempt to resolve your case outside of court. He has settled numerous cases by
way of informal negotiations and formal mediation, but is also experienced and prepared to take your
matter to court if an amicable resolution cannot be reached or the circumstances dictate immediate
court intervention. Mr. Boles’ objective is to provide each and every client with informed and
personalized representation so that an efficient and appropriate resolution can be reached that
addresses your unique case.

Barbara S.

I will be forever grateful to Mr. Hugh Boles for ending a nightmare
that had gone on for two years. Legally, it seemed as though
it was going to be a very long process with unknown results. After Mr. Boles
became my attorney, he acted with determination, effective strategy, compassion
for my family and myself, and immense patience, achieving a resounding victory.
Mr. Boles saw us as people who desperately needed help more than just as
clients. I trust him implicitly and strongly endorse him as an attorney who will fight
for his clients.